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History of Samalkha Industries
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Foundry material suppliers
Samalkha Industrial Association [SIA] is one of the most out-spoken and effective Association in the Northern Region.
The product we offer is Chaff Cutter | Toka Machine | Hand Cum Power Driven Chaff Cutter Machine | Two Rollwer Chaff Cutter | Fatti Machine with v-belt | Two Roller Fatti & Power Driven Machine | 3 Roller Power Driven Machine | Chulla type Brand Weight Type Machine etc,
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Department of Science Technology

About us
Machinery suppliers:
Major machines used by the cluster are lathe machines, sand mixers, grinders, cutters; milling machines, drill machines etc. There is no manufacturer available within the cluster instead these machines are supplied to the clusters by manufacturers from Ludhiana, Batala and suppliers from Delhi
Foundry material suppliers:
Other materials which are used in the foundry such as silicon, manganese, coal dust, fire bricks, bentonite etc. is supplied to the foundry men by one trader only.
Fabricators are required for repair and installation of new cupolas, ladles, handles and molding boxes etc. In Samalkha there are approximately 40-50 cupolas installed out of which 30 are operational. These cupolas were manufactured by fabricators in Samalkha, Ambala, Batala and Mandi Gobindgarh. Samalkha Industry association an organization of industry owners of Samalkha has been into existence since 1988. The organization was registered at that time by some leading and learned industrialists.
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